The Power P's: Prepare, Proactive, Personality, Problems

Tips for Tackling Those New Tasks on Your First Job

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Are you the type who thinks three steps ahead or do you wait until the last minute? I have learned that I tend to get the best results when I think ahead, but stay flexible to improvise when necessary. Here are four power tips on how to be ready for the tasks you'll encounter on your first job.

It never hurts to be organized and have information ready in advance. You'll be more impressive to your supervisor, client or with anyone you interact. Another benefit is that it will give the impression that you are a reliable member of the team. Last year, I was sitting at a conference with an extra agenda I printed out in my folder and I shared it with a senior executive who did not have a clue what the event was about. He complimented me on being very organized and I was delighted to have had the opportunity to impress him with such a simple gesture.

Personally, I find it enjoyable to be a go-getter and create initiatives to make a difference at my job compared to an employee doing exactly what he or she is assigned when there is clearly room for improvements. If you see a problem, actively seek a solution. This kind of energy brings a positive uplift to the company and enthusiastic employees are always welcome. You'll be seen as a hero, not as a robot with your motivation at zero.

Learning not to be robotic and letting your personality be seen at the job is important. At my current job, I am learning how to be more conversational when I speak or pitch to clients. When I speak to friends, I am casual and speak comfortably. While communicating to clients, I aim to be professional and make an excellent impression. I am learning to balance the two to come across as authentic and professional. Keep in mind, people like to work with people they like, and it's hard to know whether they like you if you never let them see who you are. Wouldn't you rather work with someone you get along with than an android that recites a script?

Problems don't have to stay problems. Take advantage of the opportunities that can arise when you hit a snag. A former supervisor used to note that problems are opportunities to twist a negative to a positive. Immediately after hearing this, I began to apply this idea to my work life, and has been especially helpful as I began to navigate a new job. A company hires staff it hopes will help solve problems and develop solutions. Grab the opportunity to shine and view challenges as a chance to grow your skill set. It is better to try your best than give up on a difficult test .

Ultimately, the best power tip is to stay positive while you continue to learn everything you can. What other powers can you use to succeed in your career?

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Jessalin Lam is a 2010 graduate of Baruch College with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in marketing. After graduation, Jessalin took a position as a Sales Assistant for Empire Promotional Products. Lam was promoted to a Sales and Marketing Associate, responsible for developing strong relationships and selling various promotional products to clients such as GE, American Express, and Baruch College. Currently, she is working for Multicultural Marketing Resources performing sales, marketing and editorial assignments. In her spare time, Jessalin volunteers for Advertising Women in New York (AWNY) and The Advertising Club of NY.

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