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Key Industry Web Sites to Follow

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Though textbook reading may be important for class assignments and exams, there is a wealth of information essential for college students to know about -- the current marketing environment. Remaining well versed on agency activities and new advertising campaigns is key for stepping foot in the working world while still in college.

In my own experiences, reading the following websites in college actually led me to more skillfully integrate examples into my class work as well as impress potential employers.

Ad Age

Often considered the "Advertising Bible," Ad Age is the perfect go-to website for any topic about the industry. It has news for agencies of all sizes as well as trends in media, Hispanic marketing and the digital realm. The Power 150 list ranks top marketing blogs and Creativity ( archives ad campaigns from around the world.

Ads of the World

This site is an excellence resource for reviewing global creative campaigns. It archives thousands of ads across multiple media including print, outdoor, cinema, online, radio, ambient and direct marketing. It also features a forum for discussion among other visitors.


A robust source for all things marketing, AdWeek offers current information on print, television and digital media as well as advertising agency news. Its blog called "AdFreak" provides thoughtful opinions on what is going on in the ad world.


An excellent website with a large online community that provides marketing news, blogs, and directories to better educate and assist media professionals. There are a number of branches of MediaPost, which offer specific information about certain types of business and media.


I love this website for its fresh and always intriguing content. It features stories and videos about design, advertising and technology, all of which are incredibly thought provoking. This is an excellent site to visit when craving inspiration!

It may seem like a large inconvenience to visit all of these sites individually but most offer free newsletters delivered daily or weekly to your email inbox. I highly recommend signing up for them to make reading easier and less likely to fall off your To-Do list. With time, reading these sources will become second nature and will be part of your everyday activities.

I challenge you to take a step beyond just simply reading these materials. Take some time to think about the reasons behind what you read and to develop opinions about the content. This will help you to become a higher-level thinker and to be more confident as you pursue your exciting career.

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