Case Study: Agency, companies team up to market paint with TV show

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In Sweden, 15 companies in the paint industry created The Ministry of Color five years ago to jointly fund annual promotions through Havas' Euro RSCG Worldwide in Stockholm. Last year, Euro RSCG created a TV program called "Room Service" to demonstrate that home decorating can be both cool and affordable.

The emphasis of the ten 30-minute programs that aired on Kanal5 is on how new paint can transform a home. To keep the program fun-and drive viewers to Ministry of Color's Web site, where they can learn how to create the different styles-the show doesn't focus on instructions. The Web site also had follow-up games and contests.

The program was promoted in paint stores and in ads showing paint brushes with the bristles cut into finger-like shapes such as a two-finger victory sign. People were recruited to appear on "Room Service" for a paint makeover through leaflets in coffee shops and video-game centers. The program was aimed at 25-to-35-year-olds living in smaller apartments with limited financial resources who aren't savvy about redecorating or believe it will be too expensive. "Room Service" was a top draw on Sweden's Kanal5 and is returning for a second season.

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