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McKenzie Koch McKenzie Koch
I am every advertiser's dream: a self-proclaimed label whore who has no problem paying upward of $200 for jeans. All of my music comes from my iPhone, and I drink Ethos Water because saving the planet is becoming trendier than Jen Aniston and her SmartWater.

I'm also a member of Generation Y.

We've grown up in a country obsessed with pop culture. We get our political info from YouTube and chronicle our lives on Facebook. With huge spending power, we are a burgeoning market just coming into adulthood.

So why am I blogging? Because the difference between me and many is that I'm aware of the catalyst for the majority of my purchases: marketing and advertising. Hence, the reason I've decided to make it my career.

Many people my age are fascinated with the media that we have grown up bombarded by, and now we want to be a part of it. So in the coming weeks, you can expect to hear from me on how to find, hire and keep the best of us.

As Gen Y-ers, we're a different breed than our predecessors, but you'll find that our skills are just as important to the life of your company.
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