Implementation: Harris sells clients on draft's focus

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Six years after starting DraftWorldwide's strategic-planning and research department, Vita Harris is charged with heightening awareness of the shop's strategic offerings.

"We've always had the capability, we just don't think people know that we've had the capability," said Ms. Harris, exec VP-director of strategic planning and research at Draft, New York.

Ms. Harris is shepherding Chairman-CEO Howard Draft's mandate to augment the department by hiring more people and adding to the agency's stable of proprietary research offerings that already includes tools to uncover a brand's strengths and weaknesses or hone targeting using quantitative analyses.

Quantitative research "has proven ... that we are not the judges of creative and consumer attitudes that we think we are," said Draft New York President David Florence. "We depend on those findings more than our own instincts."

Ms. Harris heads a task force-one of four developed to expand and better integrate strategy and research across Draft's disciplines-to promote the agency's proprietary tools.

"We have a lot of stuff, and what we have been doing is selling the stuff instead of really selling the benefits of the stuff," Ms. Harris said. "We're looking to be clearer on articulating what we do and making sure we attach a real benefit that the client can derive from it."

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