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Big news from 157-year-old Scientific American: a joint venture this November with Institutional Investor to create a new quarterly mag, SciTech Investor, aimed at the business of science. Over lunch at the Greek restaurant Avra, SA President Gretchen Teichgraeber (the name means "pond-digger," she tells me) and Publisher Bruce Brandfon, both of them vets of Time Inc. and other media powerhouses, said SA ad pages through September are running 23% ahead of the same 2001 period, and delivers 700,000 copies (80% subs at a healthy 35 bucks a year). The book underwent a makeover this spring, is edited by John Rennie. They publish 15 foreign editions throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America with local partners; the total foreign circ is one million-plus.

I finally figured out why I'm not a billionaire; I have an honest accountant.

Kate Kelly Smith sends along their first-ever "celebrity special" August edition of Child with model Niki Taylor and sons on the cover. Publisher Smith says February through September, they're up 25% in ad pages. This will be the largest issue Child has had since being taken over by Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing and carries a new tag, "Raising Kids with Smarts & Style."

How stuffy can a great agency get? Campbell-Ewald sends a letter asking that they be referred to in that manner and only that manner. Not "C-E," not "Campbell-Ewald Advertising," not "CEA," not "C-E Communications." I would think Mark O. Benner, senior VP out in Warren, Mich., would have better things to do than sending letters like this. Get out and sell some advertising, Benner!

In Atlanta, Greg McCastle becomes president-ad sales & marketing for The Weather Channel. He was with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and will work out of New York.

You've read about Fergie's daytime talk show due to debut next year? Woman behind it is Amy Rosenblum, who previously helped produce Maury Povich, Sally Jessy, and before that, Joan Rivers. Here comes the Duchess!

"What's lurking in your compost?" asks Organic Gardening, now marking 60 years in biz.

So President Bush is going to crack down on the capitalist rogues. Does he start with Cheney or "Ken Boy" Lay?

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