Yanovsky's Youth Movement

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Name: Steve Yanovsky

Age: 37

Who he is: VP BuzzBrand Marketing at Buzztone, New York and Los Angeles.

Where he's from: Prior to joining Buzztone in 2002, Yanovsky was a co-founder of The Stronghold Group, an outfit that partnered brands and musical artists for marketing promotions. A veteran of several labels, his career path included stints at A&M Records as national promotion director and at Atlantic Records as director of A&R special projects.

%%PULLQUOTE_RIGHT%% What he's done: Yanovsky led the charge on Buzztone's relationship with client Electronic Arts, the leading video-game publisher and purveyor of brand-integrated franchise The Sims. He was also at the center of the recent successful online promotional effort for GlaxoSmithKline's Oxy brand, using Buzztone's Buzzalong tool. He also engineered Heineken's Red Star Sounds Project, a continuing program started during his Stronghold days that builds upon the brewer's connection to urban music, leveraging the growing popularity of neo-soul.

What's next: He's looking to close deals with brand marketers for a slew of opportunities including the Hip-Hop Immortals project.

Stock-in-trade: "Because our company has experience in the entertainment sector, we're now being called upon by traditional brands who want to reach the same audience."

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