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Forget apple pie. When it comes to something truly American, most magazine folks would probably give Life the nod. And now everybody's all-American has come back to, well, life once more. On Oct. 1, 12 million readers found Life when they flipped through their Friday newspaper. The title relaunched as a free weekly in 72 papers in 45 states, and 20 of the top 25 demographic market areas.

Time Inc.'s third incarnation of Life, which first appeared as a weekly in 1936, makes the most of the 48 hours in each weekend, says Managing Editor Bill Shapiro, also a key player in the development of All You. "Because people are so busy, we're sort of pushing our emotions off to the side during the week. The weekend is a great time to experience those emotions."

The magazine's editorial mix includes Life's signature photography, short feature stories and weekend to-dos, including a quickie do-it-yourself project.

"The thrust to create a Friday supplement is interesting-depending on what the demographics will be," says Steve Greenberger, senior VP-director of print services at Publicis Groupe's Zenith Media, New York. "I'm hoping to see more what-to-do this weekend. ... If they go more servicey, we'll see some action."

Life "makes you feel good" about America, says Publisher Peter Bauer. "It's an added treat for people who are working harder and [who have to] compress all their personal life into the weekend."

"Friday is a great day for Life to be published as Life will appear in papers on a day when they have very few other inserts," Mr. Bauer says, adding that marketers will be able to reach consumers before they head off on their usual weekend shopping trips.

Mr. Bauer emphasizes that Time Inc. doesn't consider Life to be a newspaper supplement, but rather a magazine delivered by newspaper. No newsprint here. Mr. Bauer also touts Life's photo heritage, as well as its articles, as points of difference with newspaper supplements.

The debut cover featured actress Sarah Jessica Parker, close on the heels of her Emmy win. The second cover? The must-have dog of the moment: the labradoodle.

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