Cats on Cars Follow Bowls of Whiskas

Street Chases Keep Brand Top of Mind

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Brand: Whiskas
Brand Owner: Masterfoods
Category: Pet Care
Date: September-October 2004
Country: Chile
Media Agency: MPG
Other Agencies: N/A
Media owner: N/A

To their owners, cats are a treasure and an obsession. For the rest of us their appeal is a bit of a mystery. Nevertheless, this campaign shows what fun can be had in the pet-food sector and also how a fun media idea can be cheeky, engaging and welcomed by consumers. Chile's pet-food market is growing and Whiskas wanted to target a younger audience and get away from the idea that cats were for old ladies.
A caravan of Whiskas-toting cars wends its way down a Chilean street.
A caravan of Whiskas-toting cars wends its way down a Chilean street.

With purchases increasingly made in the supermarket as part of a weekly shop, being top of mind and talked about was key to success for the Masterfoods brand. This campaign used the Whiskas colors to come up with the concept of "Pink Obsession" and created a media solution that showed just how far the average cat would go to make sure it got the brand of food it wanted. It enabled Whiskas to stand out from the crowd, making all the other brands look like they were cat-napping.

Two teams of three cars were created. One car in each team had a giant bowl of Whiskas on the roof and the other two had a giant cat on the top. Painted pink, the cars raced around the capital, with the food car in front and the cat cars chasing. The stunt ran for two months and generated a positive response. People even called Masterfooods to congratulate them on the campaign. Quite rightly, MPG picked up a Gold Medal from the Chilean Association of Publicity and Advertising for this eye-catching media stunt.

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