Change of Control at the Los Angeles Times Magazine

What You Should Have Read, June 10, 2008

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Change of Control at the Los Angeles Times Magazine

The New York Times reports that The Los Angeles Times has made plans to transfer control of its monthly magazine from its newsroom to its business operations and to replace the magazine's entire editorial staff, according to two executives at the newspaper. The plan for the magazine was set in motion months ago. A new editor and others were hired, future issues were planned, and mock-up covers were made -- all without the knowledge of anyone in the newsroom, including the top editor, Russ Stanton, the executives said. Mr. Stanton and other high-ranking editors learned of the plan last week, they said. But the executives who described the plan cautioned that it might have changed since last week, after editors raised objections. Mr. Stanton, after hearing about the move, asked the publisher of The Times, David D. Hiller, and the president of the newspaper, Jack D. Klunder, to change the name of the publication, which is now called Los Angeles Times Magazine. He argued that to keep the name would lend the newsroom's credibility to a product it did not control.
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