Will Google Buy The New York Times?

What You Should Have Read, Dec. 11, 2008

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Will Google Buy The New York Times?

SpliceToday.com has a piece by Andrew Sargus Klein that posits Google is the best hope for the future of print media. If the money, the audiences, and the prize committees are moving online, there still remain the newspapers and their reporters. There still remain the beats, the institutional knowledge and the print world's existing infrastructures of information. No business model can be found to support Baghdad bureaus and years-long investigative reporting. The thought of Google buying the Times is a giddy one: the search giant's unofficial motto is "don't be evil," and what could be less evil than saving the world's greatest news outlet—journalism itself, if you're the emotional type—from bankruptcy? Google's product is access to any and all information. If an information hub like the Times dies off, what happens to Google's product? Or maybe Google should buy the AP.

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