HBO Nears Deal To Distribute Shows on iTunes

What You Should Have Read, May 13, 2008

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HBO Nears Deal To Distribute Shows on iTunes

The Wall Street Journal reports that HBO and Apple are close to a deal to make HBO series available for download on Apple's iTunes service, according to people familiar with the matter. The announcement could come as early as Tuesday, one of those people said. It's the first time HBO has agreed to sell downloads of individual episodes of its shows. And Apple, in a departure, has agreed to charge more than its uniform price of $1.99 per episode; HBO's shows will be more expensive, and their prices may vary on a sliding scale.The HBO episodes won't be available immediately after they air. Instead, the pay-TV channel will make them available on iTunes when the shows are released on DVD, the people said. Both the higher prices and delayed release were important to HBO, which has avoided online sales for fear of cannibalizing its lucrative subscriber base.
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