Let's Invent an iTunes for News

What You Should Have Read, Jan. 12, 2009

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Let's Invent an iTunes for News

In The Media Equation, New York Times' columnist David Carr implores someone to create an iTunes model for news. While last week brought the news that Apple would no longer sell songs with copying restrictions and that they would be available at various prices, the digerati crowed over the collapse of the hated digital rights management (which Apple never liked, either) and record companies kicked up their heels at the thought of leaving behind the tyranny of the 99-cent price point. But lost in the hubbub was the fact that Steve Jobs and Apple had been able to charge for content in the first place. Those of us who are in the newspaper business could not be blamed for hoping that someone like Jobs comes along and pulls the same trick: convincing the millions of interested readers who get their news every day free on newspapers sites that it's time to pay up.
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