LG Uses Ruse of Show 'Scarlet' to Market Its New TVs

What You Should Have Read, April 29, 2008

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LG Uses Ruse of Show 'Scarlet' to Market Its New TVs

The Wall Street Journal reports on a marketing hoax that is part of a $100 million global campaign from LG Electronics as a way to gain attention for its new flat panel TVs, branded 'Scarlet'. LG held a premiere complete with red carpet that was the culmination of a three-month global viral-marketing effort to promote a fake TV show. A teaser commercial for 'Scarlet' has run on TV and online, with no mention of LG. The action-packed trailer features Natassia Malthe in several action scenes, including one in which she crashes through a plate-glass window and uses her karate skills against four masked men. "Things aren't always what they seem," a voice-over chimes in at the end of the ad. As part of the public-relations plan for the show, LG has had Ms. Malthe drum up publicity by attending red-carpet events. The result: plenty of online, TV and magazine stories about 'Scarlet.'
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