'Open Here' to Peek at Esquire's Articles and Ad

What You Should Have Read, Jan. 16, 2009

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'Open Here' to Peek at Esquire's Articles and Ad

New York Times reports that Hearst's Esquire is offering readers and advertisers a window into its front covers.The February issue of Esquire, on its way now to subscribers and to newsstands, has a window, or flap, in the middle of the cover, next to an invitation to "Open here." Opening the window reveals quotations from articles inside the issue, adjacent to an advertisement for "One Way Out," a new series on the Discovery Channel cable network. Esquire charged Discovery Channel about $250,000 for the ad, which includes production costs as well as a regular ad page for "One Way Out" inside the issue. Esquire is considering another kind of unconventional cover, with a pull tab, for the June issue; it would be accompanied by advertising to be sold to BMW of North America.
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