Publishers Reach Quiet Settlement with Mygazines

What You Should Have Read, Oct. 3, 2008

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Publishers Reach Quiet Settlement with Mygazines

Folio reports that a copyright lawsuit brought against, a web site launched earlier this year allowing users to share digital copies of hundreds of magazines, has been settled. Lawyers representing a large swath of consumer and b-to-b publishers -- including Time Inc., Hearst, Hachette, McGraw-Hill, American Media Inc., Reed Business Information, Bonnier, Ziff Davis and Forbes, among others -- settled their case against the proprietors of on September 8, according to court documents obtained by FOLIO:. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. But according to an executive with knowledge of the terms, confirmed later by additional court documents, Mygazines has agreed to remove all of the publishers' copyrighted content, review and screen uploads for any content not authorized by the publishers and open a channel to allow Mygazines to be notified when copyrighted content appears.
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