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ASPCA Is Most Memorable TV Advertiser Among 13-to-19 Year Olds

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Forget the "idealistic" millennials and Generation X. It looks like Generation Z really cares about animal cruelty: The ASPCA was the most memorable TV advertiser among 13-to-19-year-olds since January 2014, according to a new ranking from Nielsen.

The company asked a sample of young viewers which commercials they remembered and whether they could correctly identify the brand it advertised.

The ASPCA's heart-rending ads against animal cruelty were 2.63 times more likely to be remembered and associated with the correct brand among those 13-to-19 than the average commercial they saw, Nielsen said.

While Generation Z ranges in age from 2 through 19, marketers typically target the older end of that spectrum.

Other memorable TV advertisers for Gen Z during the period include Chex Snack Mix, Kit Kat and prescription acne medication Epiduo Acne RX.

By comparison, Windex was the most memorable TV advertiser among 18 to 49 year olds. Chex Mix was the only brand to appear in the top 10 for both Gen Z and the older group.

Here's a look at the top 10 brands advertising on TV that struck a chord with 13-to-19 year-olds.

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