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M&M's 'Hostages' Commercial Wins Oscars Ad Contest

Leads Nielsen List of Best Ads for Brand Recall

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Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast was panned as boring and declined in the ratings . Let's talk about the other part of the show ABC and advertisers hoped you watched -- the commercials.

M&M's "Hostages" spot created the strongest brand association among Oscars viewers, according to Nielsen, which described the broadcast's commercials and asked a panel to name the brands being advertised.

Nielsen Top 10 Recalled Ads of the Academy Awards, Feb. 27, 2011 Nielsen logo
Brand Ad Description Recall Index
1 M&M's A criminal threatens to eat candy hostages if demands are not met (:30) 222
2 AT&T Man forgets anniversary and makes a reservation on his phone (:30) 217
3 McDonald's Ronald McDonald House -- Children look for hope inside Happy Meals (:30) 197
4 Best Buy Buy Back Program -- Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber present new generations of phones (:30) 191
5 Venus Jennifer Lopez explains how every woman has an inner goddess as she promotes Gillette's Venus brand (:30) 180
6 American Cancer Society Celine Dion sings happy birthday (:30) 142
7 Stella Artois Adrien Brody sings to a beer while women stare and cry (:30) 141
8 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid -- People use older versions of technology (:30) 135
9 AT&T 4G -- A man throws his friend's phone from a ski lift (:30) 130
10 Couple dines, goes to a salon, and does tango (:30) 129

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