New Orleans Watches Prime-Time the Most, and Other Regional Facts of Media Life

Dallas Has the Highest DVR Penetration, While Los Angeles Wins for Mobile Video

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Technology keeps changing the way we consume media, but its impact isn't unfolding evenly across the country.

The number of people watching time-shifted TV in the second quarter leapt 12.9% from a year earlier, even though the number of people watching TV overall only grew 0.6%, according to new research from Nielsen.

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Research from Nielsen shows media and technology trends are playing out differently in different places of the country.

And the amount of time that people spent watching time-shifted TV increased 11.1%, to 10 hours and 30 minutes a month, while the amount of time they spent watching TV only grew 1.9%, to 146 hours and 20 minutes.

The increase in time-shifted TV primarily reflects increased DVR penetration, as the number of homes with a DVR increased 13% since the second quarter of 2010, Nielsen found.

Media and technology trends are playing out differently in different places, however, with Dallas accumulating the highest DVR penetration in the country, according to Nielsen.

Here's how other areas looked in the second quarter:

The South spends the most time watching TV, with New Orleans in first place for prime-time viewing.

Baltimore has the highest penetration of video game consoles like the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 3.

Consumers in the "East South Central" region -- meaning Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama -- spend the most time watching video on the internet.

Miami has the highest mobile-phone penetration.

Chicago has the highest penetration of phones running on the Android operating system.

And Los Angeles has the highest percentage of mobile video users.

For other results from Nielsen's research, click here.

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