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We measure Jamie Beck's Output in Tumblr Posts and Tweets During Fashion Week

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Jamie Beck at Fashion Week
Jamie Beck at Fashion Week

As a Manhattan-based professional photographer, Jamie Beck, 28, is versed in the art of personal branding with a Twitter following of nearly 10,000 and a Tumblr account, From Me to You, that she updates daily ("It's just like your own PR firm, she says"). But she stepped up her social-media output as one of Tumblr's official New York Fashion Week bloggers, tweeting from the runway at Lincoln Center on her iPhone and shuttling back and forth to the room Tumblr rented for her at Midtown's Hudson Hotel to publish polished posts on the 27-inch iMac she lugged from home.

The blogging marathon lasted from Sept. 8-15, and during a Saturday in the middle, she started the day live-blogging a show for designer Prabal Gurung from backstage to his Facebook page and later updated her Tumblr with coverage of glittery, audaciously spiky heels by Alejandroo Inglemo and ethereal dresses by Erin Featherston. On the fly, she documented a sighting of legendary New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham in an Instagram photo posted to her Twitter account.

Ms. Beck estimates that she received anywhere from 800 to 1,000 emails during the run-up to Fashion Week, including invites to parties, launches and shows and notes from Tumblr to coordinate logistics, and she had the bandwidth to respond to about 150. During the crush of Fashion Week, Ms. Beck said Twitter mentions become a lifeline to the outside world. "I use it as a quick communication tool -- in lieu of email."

Time getting online

1 a.m.
Time signing off

Number of Tumblr posts filed

Post with the most Tumblr reblogs and likes (as of Tuesday, Sept. 13): Coverage of "Project Runway" winner Gretchen Jones's spring collection, with 6,421 notes

Number of photos posted to Instagram

Number of texts sent

Number of Tweets sent
@_FromMeToYou: Oh you know just your typical New York Morning, NOT! Models, celebrities, & a spring collection LIVE blogging

Number of Tweets Retweeted

Number of mentions on Twitter

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