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Cindy stacy says she believes the most important change in the media buying industry is the way ideas are presented to her and her colleagues at Ford Motor Media, Detroit.

"[Media buying is] no longer singular in focus," says the senior partner, director of national broadcast at Ford Motor Co.'s dedicated media buying shop. "Almost all the big ideas now are integrated."

Ms. Stacy, 41, was named to her post not long after the subsidiary of J. Walter Thompson USA, New York, was formed in April 1997 to handle Ford's $1.1 billion consolidated account. Previously she held the same post at JWT, Detroit, handling Ford Division as well as the office's non-automotive accounts.


Since then, Ford Motor Media has grown to include 40 staff members. As she looks at a staff list she expresses surprise as she realizes she is overseeing 16 people. She says her biggest challenge is "the new organization and defining what our new roles should and can be."

She's worked on some interesting buys for her Ford clients, including Ford Division, Lincoln Mercury Co., Jaguar and Mazda brands. It was Ms. Stacy who handled Ford's sole sponsorship of CBS' hour-long "Murphy Brown" final episode. That buy, estimated at more than $3 million, was a duplicate of Ford's sole sponsorship of the fall 1997 "Murphy Brown" breast cancer recovery episode.

She's most proud of Ford Division's $5 million sole sponsorship of "Schindler's List" on NBC in January '97, while she was still at JWT.

"It was a very difficult subject matter and you wanted to deal with it so carefully so you wouldn't offend anyone," she says.

NBC originally wanted four different sponsors and four commercial breaks, but she helped restructure the deal to include an intermission and special Ford messages to air at the start and end of the showing.

Ms. Stacy also helped construct the new one-year multimedia deal with News Corp., which will place Ford ads covering its cable, network and interactive properties.

She has moved up the ladder since her days as a media estimator on Chrysler Corp.'s Dodge dealers' regional business at BBDO Worldwide, Detroit. When Chrysler once dumped BBDO Worldwide, Ms. Stacy jumped to Kenyon & Eckhardt and then joined JWT in 1984 as a broadcast media supervisor.

She was brought aboard by her mentor, Ron Fredrick, now senior partner-national broadcast group director. She met him in the early '80s when he was a salesman for ABC.

Ms. Stacy is a member of WPP Group's steering committee for the Media Alliance, the partnership between New York-based JWT and Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide both units of WPP. Ford's media isn't bought by the alliance, but she shares general marketplace information.

Mr. Fredrick says Ms. Stacy has the two crucial qualities he believes a media person needs to succeed: "One [is] having the idea, the concept and the big picture, and the other is [being able] to grind out the deal. She's one of those amazing people who has both."

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