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Chef Emeril Lagasse's turn as toothpaste pitchman for Crest Whitening Expressions was the most-recalled spot this week. Payless spots for its stretch boots also took three of the Top Ten spots, along with new ads for NetZero and Campbell Soups. QwikFIND aaq04U


Rank/Brand Ad Description Index

1 Crest Whitening Expressions-neighbor walks to Emeril's apartment with cops(:30) 241

2 Campbell's Beef Pot Roast-Donovan McNabb, Mrs. McNabb knits for the team 232

3 Crest Whitening Expressions-neighbor walks to Emeril's apartment with cops (:15) 204

4 Campbell's Cream of Mushroom-2-Step Chicken Bake, woman peels label from can 198

5 Sunny Delight With Sport Cap-boys attempt to do tricks on skateboards 189

6 Payless Stretch Boots-brunette uses aerosol can on tall black boots (:30) 185

7 Payless Stretch Boots-50% off select boots-brunette uses aerosol can boots (:15) 172

8 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush-flush the brush down toilet along with germs 170

9 NetZero Candidate Zero tries to get into the 2004 Debate 166

10 Payless Stretch Boots-Buy two get one free-brunette uses aerosol can on boots (:15) 160

Source: IAG Research ( Only new campaigns considered, airing weeks of Sept. 27- Oct. 10. The Recall Score is the percentage of TV viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand of an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing TV. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all ads during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average

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