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Advertising Age's Best Places to Work 2012

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Applications are now closed for our 2012 list.

See the 2011 results here.

Any agency, media owner or marketer with more than 50 full-time employees is eligible. The Best Places to Work will be determined by the results of two surveys. Your company will complete the first survey detailing hiring practices, benefits and pay. Employees also will have a say through a second, employee-driven survey. The surveys will be conducted by our research partner, Buck Consultants LLC. The combined score of the company and employee surveys will determine the Best Places to Work 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the online application we would like to list two offices as our co-headquarters. Is that possible?

Are there other parts to the application process? I saw that it mentions surveys and employee email addresses and we were wondering if it would also include a site visit, phone interviews, etc.
We will e-mail every company that applies with a detailed timeline for the Best Places to Work process, which will include a survey for the company to fill out and an e-mail survey of your employees. Advertising Age may follow up with some applicants to write profiles, but these will not be part of the evaluation process.

What is the timeframe for distributing the survey to employees?
Employee surveys will be distributed in early November.

When will the list be published?
The list will be published in Advertising Age in March 2012.

Are there guidelines for what employee addresses are submitted? Or do we submit all addresses?
Submit email addresses for all regular, full-time employees. Qualification for the employee survey portion of Best Places to Work stipulates that they meet our minimum average sample size requirement. This number fluctuates depending on the company, so it is best that they submit all employee addresses. For smaller companies, we will likely survey all employees. For larger firms, we might only survey a sample.

If a company does not have any employees in the US, they can qualify?
While this is OK, the questions asked in the employer survey may not apply to employers/employees outside the US.

Is there any information you could provide about the types of questions you will be asking for each survey? Will we get to see these questions before they are asked of our staff?
No, but questions asked will be on the following categories: Employee Engagement and Satisfaction; Career Development; Total Rewards; and Work Environment.

Do you survey all employees or a random subset?
We survey all employees, but we require a minimum sample in order for the organization to qualify. The minimum sample size is based on the size of the company and on the average margin of error.

Will we get to see the results of the surveys?
Aggregated results will be given to all participants, but company-specific results will be available for purchase.

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