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Out-of-home advertising has expanded well beyond the large-sheet outdoor boards. The tobacco community can find refuge in some of these other alternatives, but even if they don't, these outlets further expand what the medium is offering advertisers:

In-store floor advertising

(6 square feet of color advertising applied to floors in supermarkets, convenience, discount stores, etc.)

COMPANY: Floor Graphics, Princeton, N.J.

Launched in 1994. Floor Graphics is in more than 16,000 supermarkets, convenience stores, discount stores and pharmacies, right at point of purchase. For example, a Tide detergent ad would be on the floor right in front of the laundry-products shelf space. Tobacco brands potentially could advertise right where a consumer stands when purchasing, according to company executives.

ADVERTISERS: Procter & Gamble Co.'s Scope, Crest, Safeguard, Oil of Olay and Pampers; Campbell Soup Co.'s Spaghetti-Os; Kellogg Co.'s Nutri-Grain, Fruit Loops, Breakfast Mates and Snack Pack; Tropicana; Dannon yogurt; Ben & Jerry's ice cream; Good Humor ice cream; Perdue chicken; Schering-Plough's Claritin; Unilever's Q-Tips; and the California Milk Processor Board's "Got Milk?" campaign.

Truckside advertising

COMPANY: Seymour Outdoor

Can target specific media zones within a city. Company started February 1999 with Crunch Fitness as its first advertising client. Operates only in New York metropolitan area; may expand to other cities.

ADVERTISERS: Crunch Fitness.

Bathroom ads

In restaurants, nightclubs, bars, sports facilities and concert venues ("indoor" advertising)

COMPANY: Johnny Advertising, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Indoor advertising company places ad frames-framed ads, usually 81/2-by-11 inches-for local and national advertisers, usually positioned above urinals in men's rooms and behind the stall door in women's rooms. Johnny Advertising is one of more than 30 indoor bathroom advertising companies.

ADVERTISERS: U.S. Tobacco, Valvoline, Saab (Grand Rapids dealership advertising) and Grand Rapids Ballet. Johnny Advertising executives said they accept tobacco advertising.

Broadway theater advertising

COMPANY: Roundabout Theater Co., Selwyn Theater, New York

Not-for-profit Roundabout Theater Co. is raising millions for renovation costs by pursuing capital gifts from national advertisers in exchange for naming opportunities within the theater. Naming opportunities can be had for the theater itself-to include marquee signage, on all tickets, all advertising materials, and all newsletters and brochures-as well as other locations within the theater, including the penthouse lobby, the balcony, the box office and the orchestra pit.


Illuminated waste receptacles

COMPANY: AdBrite Corp., New York (with the National Conference of Black Mayors)

Launched in April 1998 by AdBrite and 466 city mayors. The cities and AdBrite share revenues; the local portion of revenues gets funneled back into various programs and scholarship opportunities.

ADVERTISERS: Rollout of locations within each city to be determined this month; national advertisers expected to be announced shortly.


In-line skaters who represent advertisers

COMPANY: Adwheels Management, Washington

Company was launched in 1994. Skatertisers represent advertisers, usually at promotional events and trade shows by skating around in T-shirts with advertisers' messages and hand out literature and in some cases product samples or promotional merchandise.

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