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As magazine designing goes, Frank Max has an interesting job. He's been in the High Times art department for a decade, and he assumed the AD title there four years ago. But Max, at 35, can't help wondering if the grass is greener o n the other side of the hookah. While he's confident he's built a fine portfolio, he worries about being stigmatized in the straighter magazine world as "that stoner dude." In the meantime, "the redesigns keep it fresh," he say s of the High Times experience, and he's particularly looking forward to the blockbuster 25th anniversary issue that will appear later this year. Under his watch "the photography has gotten better," he notes. Indeed, it's bong-wa tering. There was a time long ago, he points out, when the pictures were barely in focus and everything was on cheap newsprint. Now, High Times is neat, clean, slick, glossy and very professional, despite ads for products like The Urinator, a drug-test beater. But this can never be a Raygun-style art freakout, despite the subject matter. "Readability is really important," Max says. "Nine out of 10 readers are stoned while they're reading it." Does he wor k stoned? "It's been known to
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