CASE STUDY: Quick'n Brite Web site mixes with 800-number to lift sales

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Larry Gourlie has been scrubbing grime and grease with Quick'n Brite all-purpose cleaner on TV infomercials since 1991, but the recent addition of a Web site URL to the standard 800-number has made the ad medium even more effective.

The 30-minute direct-response TV ads have boosted family-owned Quick'n Brite's sales and distribution dramatically over the years. But Mr. Gourlie, president of the Mount Lake Terrace, Wash.-based company, never expected the 10% boost in revenue after creating a Web site in 1998 and including the address on its commercial.

"I know we're on the cutting edge," Mr. Gourlie said of the Web site endeavor that has been profitable from the first week.

The site doesn't appear to have hurt 800-number sales from the infomercials that air nationally on 20 to 25 cable stations and 150 broadcast stations, Mr. Gourlie said.

Cesari Response Television, Seattle, produces Quick'n Brite's infomercials, and over the past few years has worked to help other, more traditional direct-response TV users tap into online services, as well as assist dot-coms interested in DRTV.

"This is one of the early sites that is an adjunct to a DRTV campaign," said Mike Conkle, VP-interactive media at Cesari.

Cesari currently is preparing to introduce a revamped Quick'n Brite site in a few weeks that will include a preferred customer section to attract repeat customers and ideally boost online sales even higher.

Creating Web sites in conjunction with infomercials is a great way to get more detailed information to consumers, Mr. Conkle said.

"Infomercials aren't boring, but you can only write a call to action so many different ways," he said. "We realized that the Internet let us give a lot less marketing hype and more information."

The cleaning tips and "frequently asked questions" sections of the Quick'n Brite site help answer consumer questions and drive sales. Mr. Conkle said most consumer calls on effective infomercials consist of 60% sales orders and 40% further inquiry. With the Web site, consumers who would have called to ask for more information can get details on the Web and then purchase online.

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