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WHAT'S IN A NAME? If it's Tommy Hilfiger, there's clothes, fragrances, home furnishings and maybe books, movies, TV programs and high-end pet accessories. Such are the opportunities in our cuckoo-for-brand-labels pop culture, where if you've got a catchy name and a hip image, you're a copyright away from a cash cow that can churn out a trough of cool cash. So whose John Hancock is bigger -- Giorgio Armani, Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren? According to People's Pop Profiles, it depends on how much coin you make. Everyone seems to dig on DK, although those who make $50,000 to $74,000 annually like Armani just a smidgen more. Ralph Lauren ties with DK among those making $30,000 to $49,000, while Hilfiger shares the top tier with DK among those making more than $75K. But when it comes to buying a product or
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