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Three-dimensional chess doesn't appeal to everyone, but Denis Philipps might consider taking up the pastime after his work this year managing a multilayered campaign for chip maker Intel Corp.

When Intel selected MVBMS for its business-to-business campaign to increase its visibility and credibility in the Internet space, Mr. Philipps huddled with account planning, creative and account management executives for hours on end. They worked on messages tuned to client, networking, servers and services audiences while maintaining the tagline "Momentum" across the campaign.

Mr. Philipps' challenge was to plan a strategy that would target individual audiences, while also driving home the big picture.

"The important thing to understand about the campaign is its integration across many different layers," Mr. Philipps, 32, says. "It was the job of media to make sure all the campaigns went smoothly."

His plan was to unfold the campaign as if it were a news story. In publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Philipps and his team of three were careful to maintain the same-day-each-week, same-position for each targeted advertisement. In even the most idiosyncratic technical trades, tactical positions were considered with care.

"[Denis] recognized early on that multiple versions of this particular ad had disproportional impact for the campaign as a whole," says Mark McLaughlin, who heads media services for MVBMS.

Mr. Philipps credited Intel and MVBMS' creative team with giving him the goods to move Intel perception from a microprocessor company to an Internet stalwart.

"For one thing, Intel was already making moves internally to reposition themselves," he says. "The creative is also clean. A lot of these campaigns tend to get cluttered. People are doing these larger units, but ultimately they are saying less with more."

Winning Intel's business-to-business account eight months ago, MVBMS encouraged all facets of its advertising team to become involved from the start. Mr. Philipps says involvement in every step of the campaign proved valuable, as he tried to mesh the multiple layers of the media buy.

"MVBMS is unique in that the disciplines [of advertising] are integrated across the board," Mr. Philipps says. "Media is not a service. We are a partner in media-strategy development. That makes it a hell of a lot more fun, let me tell

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