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Background: Emaginet, Washington, was founded in 1996 and is planning to launch its e-centives program (www.emaginet.com) at Internet World Dec. 8. It has raised $11 million in equity.

How it works: Emaginet requires consumers to download an "Organizer" software application to their desktop, which allows users to define what types of e-centive coupons and promotions they want to receive. A smaller version of the Organizer is also available in Java. Emaginet is targeting advertisers, who often double as redeemers, in categories such as computers, travel and automotive. Users can also earn e-centives at participating Web sites, banner ads or have them pushed directly to the Organizer.

Participating sponsors must buy Emaginet's server for $10,000.

Advertisers: SkyMall, an airline catalog company, and Choice Hotels.

Redemption Partners: Same as advertisers.

Distribution: It is planning co-branding with its marketers and an online marketing campaign in 1998.

Prognosis: Getting consumers to download the Emaginet Organizer will be difficult, so redemption possibilities will have to be worthwhile. Emaginet said it is close to signing deals with marketers from various categories.

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