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Laser-Beam Turkey Cooker
Marketer: Alliance to Save Energy
Brand: Energy Star
Title: "Super Powers"
Agency: Ogilvy Public Relations, Washington

The Alliance to Save Energy is a somewhat stuffy program designed to promote energy efficiency. In an effort to sex up its message, it has produced this takeoff on 'The Incredibles.' The spot does drag a bit here and there but, hey, you can't beat the laser-beam turkey-cooking scene.

Pandemonium on the Court
Marketer: Adidas
Brand: Adidas
Title: "Folklore"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day, San Francisco

Here's a tall tale from the basketball court about a player who literally catches fire and then also suddenly soars aloft as a bat-winged, Adidas-shod hobgoblin superstar in a stadium gone to pandemonium.

Fry It and They Will Come
Marketer: Bojangles Famous Chicken & Biscuits
Brand: Bojangles
Title: "Jake's Dream :60"
Agency: Eric Mower & Assoc., Charlotte, N.C.

The Eric Mower agency gives us a refried version of the 1989 Kevin Costner movie, 'Field of Dreams,' with a few significant changes. It is a Bojangles restaurant that ultimately gets built in the middle of the corn field and, along with drive-through customers, a few early 20th-century football players wander out of the stalks.

Cheese Cows
Marketer: Calif. Milk Advisory Board
Brand: California Cheese
Title: "Fence"
Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles

The audacious and loquacious California cheese cows are back, this time ragging on a long-horned steer whose football has landed on their side of the fence.

Lexus' Bedroom Moment
Marketer: Toyota
Brand: Lexus
Title: "Moments"
Agency: Dentsu Canada

A visual poem to the idea of special moments, this commercial by director Bruce Dowad dances us through a series of touching scenes before it gets down to business -- the car you should drive for really special moments.

Not Seeing Romania
Marketer: Rompetrol
Brand: Rompetrol
Title: "Addio A Cheyenne"
Agency: Odyssey Communications, Romania

Rompetrol, Romania's largest privately owned oil company, hired Los Angeles director Charlie Watson to create this ad. Although lushly shot, it devoid of virtually anything that conveys the distinctly different nature of the country of Romania. Most of the shots -- Hikers, campers, hang gliders, young lovers, sailboaters and bayou fishermen -- could well have been filmed in the U.S.

Teller Window Hook Shot
Marketer: TD Banknorth
Brand: TD Banknorth
Title: "Hookshot"
Agency: VIA, Portland, Me.

Cheap and simple, this commercial has a real hometown authenticity that is likely to make the lives of New England bank tellers a lot more intersting in the coming weeks.

Network Horde
Marketer: Verizon Wireless
Brand: Verison Wireless
Title: "Network Blues"
Agency: McCann Erickson

Using the literal to suggest its competitors' inadequacy, Verizon has crammed an army of workers into this commercial and contrasted that high-tech horde to a few geeky nerds with only a table top jumble of network equipment. Sprint and Cingular, with their similar armies, must get a hoot out of this one.

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