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Former mortgage banker Carin Lazarus was asked to handle several local promotions for national liquor marketers in 1987 and soon launched Media Star Promotions, which has grown to become a significant force in executing promotions for brands and major promotion agencies on an outsourced basis. Ms. Lazarus, 36, is president of the Baltimore, Md.-based agency with seven full-time staffers and 1,100 part-time field employees; her husband Brian, 42, is VP.

Age: 36

Coup: Conceiving and executing the recent Fashion Martini tour for Finlandia vodka. Real people wearing fantastic evening attire went to bars nationwide with samples; consumption went up and the promotion was expanded.

Insight: One-on-one marketing and entertainment-driven promotions are in high demand, but most advertising or promotion shops have no idea how to execute them.

Tip: Use actual people in promotions. Consumers are too oversaturated with marketing messages to notice much else. Promotions seen only at the point of sale have almost no impact.

Opinion: The Internet is a great publicity tool but it's no substitute for person-to-person marketing.

Peeve: Wearing business suits; corporate bureaucracy; anyone putting limits on marketing creativity.

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