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Erica Kieffer, 39, switched to promotion from advertising four years ago at Louis London, Milwaukee, where she helped conceive Miller Lite's cheerleader search promotion. In October, she joined Laughlin/Constable to head its revamped promotions department. Clients include Fruit of the Loom, Jones Sausage and Harley-Davidson's Buell Motorcycles.

Title: VP-director of promotions.

Insight: Consumers have become incredibly promotion-savvy, which has raised the bar for promotion strategists.

Tip: Try the soft-sell touch. Consumers have seen it all; they want originality and real entertainment in promotions.

Opinion: Beer is still an untapped area for promotions. It offers the greatest flexibility and entertainment potential of all categories.

Warning: Avoid clients looking for short-term solutions to long-term brand goals. A poor promotion can hurt far more than it will help a brand.

Secret weapons: Promotions targeting specific age and ethnic groups.

Growth area: On-site marketing for clients with smaller budgets.

Taking maximum advantage: Keeping promotion as separate from advertising operations is a mistake.

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