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Bob not a woman

We read with interest Bob Garfield's review of the new advertising campaign for SnackWell's. Obviously, Mr. Garfield was less than impressed. He was also less than accurate in portraying what these ads are trying to say.

We are not, as he puts it, telling women to "pig out." We are acknowledging that everyone snacks, and that SnackWell's -- in a small way -- can make one feel better about choosing snack products that are lower in fat.

He also took us to task for adding back some fat to improve taste. The addition of fat -- "disgusting, oily globs," in his words -- is between one-half and one and one- half grams (the amount of fat found in a serving of pretzels). SnackWell's is still 50% to 70% lower in fat across the entire line of products.

In fairness, Mr. Garfield's missing the point might have something to do with the fact he has elected to speak for the millions of women 35 and older who are the target demographic -- women with whom we've spent two years talking about how snacking fits into their positive outlook on life.

Teresa L. Preskar

Senior Business Director


Parsippany, N.J.

Tiger's still hot

(In his July 6 "Brady's Bunch" column, Jim Brady asked "Should Tiger Woods just pack it in or keep trying? Comments, anyone?")

Through last week's PGA Tour event, Tiger has earned $1,152,292 in '98, ranking him fifth on the money list. He has one victory, one third and overall has finished in the top 10 seven times this year. Tiger has played in 13 events, made the cut in 12 and is averaging $88,638 per tournament.

Not bad for a 22-year old!

Tom Brown

VP-Publisher, Golf Digest

New York

Read with great amusement! Woods has won over $1,150,000 thus far this year. I'd suggest there is little need for alarm.

Gary Andrews

Smith Hanley Associates

New York

JNCO not genric

While we at Revatex are excited to be part of Advertising Age's Marketing 100 crowd (Special Report, AA, June 29) and appreciate the enthusiasm our customers have for our JNCO brand of clothing, this letter is to state our disagreement with Advertising Age's statement that " `jincos' has become a generic term among wide-leg-jeans wearing youths, not unlike Band-Aid or even Levi's."

Its popularity notwithstanding, JNCO remains a distinctive and unique trademark of Revatex. We commit considerable resources to develop and protect our JNCO trademark. Any use of JNCO or confusingly similar name or mark constitutes an infringement of Revatex's trademark rights.

Lydia M. Lim

Company Counsel, Revatex

Los Angeles

Obsessed with brands? Enough already!!

I just started reading "Brown era ends, red era remains at `New Yorker' " (AA, July 13),the item on this week's (7/13) page 4 about Tina Brown, which begins, "The journalistic brand known as Tina Brown . . ." The brand known as Tina Brown? Give it a rest, already! Products are brands. Services/service companies and the like are brands! Cars are brands. Cereals are brands. Appliances are brands. But persons are not brands!!!

I'm appalled as to how obsessed Ad Age has become over the concept of branding in recent months. Hey, guys, this isn't the same as discovering fire or the wheel. The idea of branding and building brand equity, brand image, brand reputation and the like is not a new concept. The ideas and the tools have been around for years.

So, what's the big deal? It's mainly a question of common sense; could that be what this is all about? If so, let's use some and not talk about the brand called Tina Brown.

Ike Behmoiram

Audits & Surveys Worldwide

New York

`Honey' of a concept

Flipping channels this past weekend I came across Disney's "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." Now before I continue, let it be known that I am a huge Apple/Lee Clow/Chiat/Day fan, but I couldn't help but share this curiously strong coincidence.

During a dream sequence, the younger brother is talking about Windows (Apple's competitor) and how Bill Gates (Apple's nemesis) should be more like Gandhi (featured in Apple's ad campaign) and "think different" (Apple's grammatically incorrect tagline).

Coincidence? I think so. Interesting? Maybe not.

Brice Holland

Copywriter, Asher Agency

Fort Wayne, Ind.


In "Ziff-Davis to test magazine with Excite" (July 20, P. 23), PC Computing's supplement with search engine Excite will appear with the magazine's August, September and November issues.

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