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MARKETER: Lycos and Mountain Zone

WHERE TO FIND IT: www.mountainzone.com

CRITIQUE: The Internet breeds some unusual bedfellows. Such as a major search engine partnering with an online magazine about mountain climbing. But in this age of co-branded promotions and varied attempts to increase traffic and visibility often targeted at a youth culture with interesting hobbies like body art and extreme sports, we're likely to see more of these relationships.

The marketers get more traffic, the content sites get money to put out more content (in ways that only work on the Net) and the consumer gets more to consume. Yea for healthy economies.

The Mountain Zone promotion is a continuation of Lycos' "Get Lycos or Get Lost" campaign. With the 1998 Mount Everest Expedition Cybercast cross tie-in, they've taken the theme well beyond its logical conclusion -- all the way to the top of the world's highest peak with a laptop and a satellite uplink. It's not the most obvious pairing, but the promotion is clever and as the expedition continues, the exposure of the campaign should climb as well. This would increase if there were more blatant linking going on with either site. Lycos has a jump page and Mountian Zone will be doing more to promote Lycos as the climb continues through May.

For Mountain Zone, the benefits are clear. For Lycos, it's a bit more of a stretch, although an achievable one. But as long as the money is still flowing around this medium, look for the tie-ins to get more and more extreme.

WHO CREATED IT: The Mountain Zone, Seattle

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