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We've all been there. You wake up one day with a sneaking suspicion that all is not as it should be. The early signs are there. Dry throat, a throbbing in the temples, a slightly giddy feeling all over. Then, as you begin to face the day, you notice a marked lack of spatial awareness and the worrying sensation that your tongue no longer appears to fit your mouth. You now have the safe and certain knowledge that last night was a good one. Just as searching out good nightspots is an important part of knowing any city, so is the knowledge of how to deal with the after-effects that are the occupational hazards to those of us who believe life is not to be embraced, but to be wrestled to the floor and beaten into submission. I therefore offer my three-step guide to the revitalizing of Body, Soul and Mind, or things to do in London when you feel like you have died.

Body: On days like this, Norwegian muesli and fruit compote just doesn't cut it. Instead, maneuver swiftly to Rosa's Cafe, Westbourne Park Road, W11. These wonderful people have exactly what you need. The full English breakfast has never been fuller.

Soul: Complex carbohydrates on board a swift taxi ride (no walking, not yet) to the Kyoto Zen Garden, Holland Park. The ideal place to contemplate your oneness with the world and wait for the autonomic nervous system to kick in.

Mind: You're now ready for a little culture, the antithesis of the previous night's tomfoolery. Retire to the Edwardian splendor of The Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill Gate. Velvet seats, large screen and the only cinema in London to allow smoking. Feeling normal again? Pop next door to the Uxbridge Arms for several too many and start the whole process again.

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