Giants Fans Dig Hip-Hop; Patriots Fans Dream On Steven Tyler

Colligent Looks at 'Mutual Engagement' of Brand Fans by Super Bowl Team

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How different are the New England Patriots and the New York Giants faithful as their teams prepare for the Super Bowl? Pretty different, at least according to data from social-media analytics firm Colligent, which tracks the behavior of active fans of thousands of brands -- and teams -- in social media.

Patriots boosters tend to engage in social media with Harpoon craft beers, Dunkin' Donuts, and their local casinos Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. Fans of the Giants are more into photography supplies retailer Adorama, Citibank, Reebok and Pepsi Max.

Of all those, only Pepsi Max is a Super Bowl advertiser, and who would have thought that a diet soft drink would make the Giants fans' list? And the presence of a craft beer so near and dear to the hearts of Patriots supporters may not be a good sign for perennial game advertiser Budweiser.

In music, the Patriots chose wisely (in one respect) when the organization chose Steven Tyler to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the AFC Championship Game. His performance aside, he's the musician whose social-media fans have the greatest mutual engagement with Patriot fans. Bret Michaels is a close second.

Giants followers' sharply different musical tastes are weighted much more toward hip-hop artists, with Joell Ortiz leading the pack. Their top-10 musicians list contained only one non-hip-hop artist: Bruce Springsteen. Lloyd Banks is the only musician to appear for both the Patriots and the Giants.

Colligent's "mutual engagement" isn't just a measure of whether the teams' fans are engaged with the brands, musicians or movies in question. Just as important is how much fans of a brand or celebrity are engaged with the team, hence the term "mutual."

And it's not a matter of how many fans like the brand on Facebook or following it on Twitter. Colligent counts only fans who actively engage by commenting or posting. The firm tracks the activity of people who have public profiles on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, and only those active in posting or commenting about brands, celebrities or other entities measured.

For example, Colligent tracks 135 million people who have public profiles and are active on Facebook and more than 40 million people on Twitter.

Giants vs. Patriots fan preferences

Of course, many of the contrasts between Giants and Patriots fans' favorites could reflect overall regional preferences, and how much stock you put in the ranking is up to you. Since you're reading this on Ad Age , Colligent suggests that you might be mutually engaged with Fast Company, CNBC, Ben Folds, Major League Soccer and cricket.

Note: Mutual engagement is not always the same as love. Former Giants wide receiver Steve Smith, who left for the Philadelphia Eagles last year, is the top celebrity in mutual engagement with Giants fans -- but not because they showered him with praise.

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