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WHERE TO FIND IT: www.heineken.com/bartrek

CRITIQUE: Some Heineken marketing folks walk into a bar, or so the Cyber Critique staff imagined. They sit down, order some beers -- Heineken's, natch -- and, after a while, one pulls out his Palm III. The others pull their Palm organizers out, too, and soon they're beaming silly little applications back and forth across the sticky table.

That's when genius strikes.

Says the first, "I've got a New York subway map on my Palm, but I wish it could tell me how far from each stop I could find a cold Heineken."

Quoth the second, "Dude, dude! And what if you hooked your Palm up to a GPS and could get the exact coordinates of the bar and be led there?"

The third, thinking out of the box, quipped, "We have the technology. We can build it."

Regardless of how the Hein-eken Bartrek came to be, it's a great idea: Make an application for the geekiest and most cultlike potential customers and physically lead them to your product. The Bartrek provides maps of cities and reviews of bars there. If you can tap a global positioning system, your Palm can guide you right to the door.

For building brand loyalty, this is a great first step. But to take it further, stir in a dash of community and let beer drinkers worldwide add their reviews. Get people involved by keeping them checking in for the latest data. Make it indispensable -- before someone else does.

We even know some parched writers in Chicago who would be happy to contribute. Then Heineken would have an application to which we could drink.

WHO CREATED IT: Heineken Virtual Agency, Amsterdam, with IBM Corp.'s Pervasive

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