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And Other Playable TV Spots of The Week

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Hummer's Monsters
Marketer: General Motors
Brand: Hummer
Title: "Monsters"
Agency: Modernista, Boston

A story of how to two city-smashing monsters meet, fall in love and beget a oddly familiar little monster with four wheels.

Have a Nice Day
Marketer: Island Records
Brand: Bon Jovi
Title: "Have a Nice Day"
Agency: Deustch

The commercial for Bon Jovi's latest album, 'Have a Nice Day,' is as much a promotion for viral cell phone marketing as it is for the band itself. The whole thing is a four-minute music video filmed in midtown Manhattan in July.

Foot Flight Crew
Marketer: Champs Sports/Adidas
Brand: Champs Sports/Adidas
Title: "Flight Crew"
Agency: AKA Advertising, New York

Imagine a basketball shoe so dynamic in its action and powerful in its lift that it requires a human flight crew to man the controls.

Pet Psychiatrist
Marketer: Boost Mobile
Brand: Boost Mobile
Title: "Fat Joe"
Agency: Berlin Cameron/Red Cell, New York

This is the story of Fat Joe, a chubby kid who from a young age had a weird ability to communicate with animals. He later became a pet psychiatrist and a star in this spot for Boost Mobile. Yo, dog.

Confundibly Good
Marketer: Cadbury Schweppes
Brand: Dr Pepper
Title: "Unmistakable"
Agency: Cartel Group, San Antonio, Texas

For its first Hispanic advertising campaign, Dr Pepper struggled to find a word that would resonate with both native Spanish speakers and aculturated English-speaking Latinos in the U.S. The end result was this new 'Confundible' campaign -- the word means 'Unmistakable' in English.

Motorhead Explanation
Marketer: Nascar
Brand: Nascar
Title: "26"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

For all of you who may have wondered why anyone would sit in sun-seared bleachers to watch cars run around in circles for hours on end, here is your answer. As part of its massive national media blitz, Nascar is explaining itself to you. Makes you want to stomp down on your gas peddle right now, doesn't it?

Sticking Together
Marketer: Elmer's
Brand: Elmer's Glue
Title: "Elmer's Pitch"
Agency: SBC Advertising, Westerville, Ohio

When this 90-second spot arrived at TV Spots of the Week, our first knee-jerk reaction was to wonder aloud what else could possibly be said about the mundane topic of white glue. But what a lyrical, high-flying anthem to the product they've created here. It'll make you want to stand up and salute as well as go stick some colored paper together.

Zoning Out the Professor
Marketer: Hewlett-Packard
Brand: Hewlett-Packard
Title: "Lecture"
Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco

Celebrating the reality of what college students REALLY do with their WiFi-equipped laptop computers in the lecture hall is this spot for HP Pavilion Notebook laptops. The tag line could well be 'Entertain yourself.'

Dance Target
Marketer: Target
Brand: Target
Title: "Spoons" and "Bathing Beauties"
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis

A wild choreography of spoons, fleets of bathtub dancers, bevies of jumping dogs, whirlwinds of giant coins and a Cottonelle stage performance featuring toilet tissue rolls as large as fuel trucks are just some of the images flashing by in Target's latest two ads.

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