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MARKETER: Philips Mobile Computing


WHAT'S THERE: New technologies. Web surfers are promised many each year; some of them have good marketing applications, some don't. Of those that do, it takes time for marketers to shake out just what that use is.

The Mobile Computing unit of Philips today launches a new promotion on its redesigned site for its Velo1 hand-held computer. The mini site features a 3-D photo-space plug-in, from Live Picture ( Visitors to the site get to look around a 3-D hotel lobby and see examples of business people whose lives are in disarray because they aren't using the Velo1. Every 1,000th person to answer a few questions will win a Velo1 during the promotion.

Philips Mobile Computing has seen a 50% increase in online sales since it began promoting its site in September. The key part of this promo site is the Live Picture hotel lobby (and the free stuff). It works well, and the navigation is smooth and fast to the point of being dizzying if you're too quick with the mouse. But compelling as Live Picture's plug-in is, it still hasn't quite found its purpose. Users don't need to interact with the hotel to enter the contest.

When a marketer finds an application that uses the technology in a way that is eye-catching and necessary to the experience it will have found its niche.

WHO CREATED IT: Elliott Dickens Interactive, San Jose, Calif.

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