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MARKETER: Jenny Craig


CRITIQUE: Does this banner ad make me look fat? Yup, sure does.

Not to exploit the negative body images of's readership, Jenny Craig is running a banner that reads, "Are you overweight? Click here to find out."

That's fine on the surface. It's healthy information to have, if you don't know already. But the image in the ad is a scale pegged at 130 pounds, which for the majority of American women is not anywhere near overweight.

Now it wouldn't make much sense for Jenny Craig to be running an ad saying that most women aren't overweight. How would that sell anything? It's like a Viagra ad that doesn't play off men's insecurities about their performance.

Yet in a world where we are all too concerned about body image, and yet not concerned enough about the effects this preoccupation has, it seems somewhat tacky to feed off this imagery -- even if it is your core business.

To drive the point home, the poll running on the site last week found that roughly two-thirds of the self-selecting sample answered "no" to the question, "Do you have a fundamentally positive body image?"

Perhaps we're just being over-sensitive (stranger things have happened), but this ad leaves a bad taste.

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