LBJ reaffirms control of country in mid-'60s

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Democrats won in such proportions this month in 1964 that the course of events in Washington appears to rest primarily on the wishes of President Johnson. His philosophy, expounded soon after he took office in November 1963, called for moderation in the activities of regulatory agencies.

The change in the Washington outlook reflects more than the landslide vote piled up by the Johnson-Hubert Humphrey ticket (aided in part by the first example of negative presidential TV advertising, the "Daisy" spot, above, depicting a little girl picking daisies just before the mushroom cloud explodes. The reference in the spot implied at the time that Johnson opponent Barry Goldwater would not hesitate in using nuclear weapons). The Democrats not only bolstered their big majorities in both the House and Senate, but the casualties among the Republicans consisted primarily of conservatives who had been effective in slowing down the legislative programs of the Democratic presidency.

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