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I have long been a Jim Brady fan, even to the point of trying to look him up at Wollensky's when I'm in town. Yet I've never been more overjoyed at reading one of Jim's pieces than in the June 23 issue ("Get used to witch hunts resulting from Clinton's PC military").

I congratulate the mag on having the guts to print it; but more importantly, I say "Well done" and "Well said" to Jim Brady. The entire piece was basic, common sense, and if I had my way, this entire article would be read from the floor of the House and the Senate.

Bruce Foster Bauman

VP, Master Media Enterprises

Fort Mill, S.C.

You have to learn to express yourself more forcefully on the issues, my friend. Damn, man, where do you stand?

By the way, I loved every word. Tough, smart, on the mark.

Walter Anderson

Editor, Parade

New York

Editor's note: Mr. Brady is a contributing editor at Parade.

I'm writing to tell James Brady how much I appreciated his comments in the June 23 Ad Age regarding the military and our current policy of "gender integration."

His article cut right through all the fecal matter and exposed the policy for the ridiculous and wrong-headed idea it is .*.*. To think that equality of the sexes makes for a better armed force is as preposterous as any of the "national quality-of-life" ideas that Clinton has proposed.

Joe DeBlasio

New York

Regarding James Brady's item on military witch hunts in the June 23 issue of Advertising Age:

If men can only be expected to let their gonads rule their brains (boys will be boys!) and women can be expected to manipulate men with their sexual charms in order to get ahead professionally (all women are sluts!), let's not stop with separating men and women in the military. Let's clean up America's whole embarrassing mess by segregating men and women throughout the private sector and in education, too!

While we're at it, we might as well throw racial integration out the window, too. Heck, it gets embarrassing when some interaction between races goes haywire and America the Beautiful has to admit in front of all the world that it has a Racial Problem. Keep all those people away from each other and there won't be any problem! Voila! No more dirty laundry for the world to see!

Let's make all the men live west the Mississippi, put all the women on the eastern side of the country, and put up a kind of Berlin Wall. That should prevent a whole lot of humiliating behavior, including rape, domestic violence, incest, teen pregnancy and overpopulation! (We can always accept just enough immigrants to keep the country going.)

One pesky little problem, though. What the heck are we going to do about homosexuality? Hmmm . . .

J.K. Williams

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Pronouns 101

As a longtime (now former) inhabitant of the international advertising community, I was gratified to note, during a recent vacation in France, that the International Advertising Association, via its UK chapter, advertises its presence in the pages of the International Herald Tribune. However, I was shocked, shocked, to read its headline: "The more advertising does it's job, the more people get to keep theirs."

There's a copywriter somewhere whose job may be in jeopardy-unless he or she relearns his or her grammar.

Robert H. Nutt

Fairlee, Vt.

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