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Re the Census: if undercounted groups are undercounted because they neglect or decline to be counted, is that the fault of the Census takers or the groups?

Nice CBS News tribute to itself with all that great old footage over 50 years. Nifty work by Dan Rather and enormous fun to see the man's hairstyles over the half century.

Amy Churgin says New York's 30th anniversary issue was also their biggest ever with 191 ad pages.

Murdoch Magazine Distribution has a new president, John O'Reilly, moving over from The New York Times Co.

Need a great street, bus or subway map of New York? John Tauranac does the best. Contact John (phone and fax both) at (212)-222-7731.

Fortune's marketing department hired Pat Cunningham. She was at Bozell Worldwide on the Merrill Lynch account.

People en Espanol hired Roan Kang as marketing manager and Ann Strader to oversee newsstand and sub acquisition efforts.

"Adam Smith's Money Game" returned to public television this month. Added attraction this time 'round, Bob Garfield of Ad Age talking advertising.

A pal who was honored as a former Oscar-winner at this year's Academy Awards reports the feud is still going nicely. "Joan Fontaine called to say she wouldn't be there, that `I might run into that woman from the North,' " "That woman" is her sister, Olivia de Havilland.

New fashion merch manager at Esquire is Costas Panagopoulos, who'd been at Crouch & Fitzgerald.

They're preening at National Geographic where Scott Crystal reports May ad pages were up 10% over May last year and year to date ads are 12% ahead. The best first five months ever, says Scott.

Sports Afield has a new features editor, David Herndon.

Dealmaker Jordan, Edmiston Group in New York, promoted William Hitzig to chief operating officer-executive managing director.

From Santa Barbara, Islands mag reports one of its contributors, Tony Perrottet won a Pacific Asia Travel Assn. award for his story, "Harbor Tales."

In New York, Glen Goldstein Marketing Communications opened a "worst press release in the world" competition. Top prize, 500 bucks. Fax them, not me at (212)-686-7589.

Mary Berner checks in from Glamour, where the May issue closed with 228 ad pages, up 47 pages from a year ago. It's the publication's biggest May number in 20 years.

John Paterson named marketing & sales development director for People en Espanol.

A&E named Mark Furlong ad director of its popular Biography magazine.

Through May, YM reports it's 21% ahead in ad pages, 34% in revenue.

At Bon Appetit, Publisher Lynn W. Heiler tells me the May issue of the magazine is up nearly 60% in ad pages (biggest May in 10 years) and year to date ad pages are 50% ahead of last year! Is that possible? If so, big deal!

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