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A World of Pretty Boys
Marketer: Levi Strauss & Co.
Brand: Levi's 501 Jeans
Title: "A World Gone Pretty"
Agency: McCann Erickson, New York

This two-minute spot by Chelsea Pictures director Simon Blake is an animated epic whose basic message is this: Real men wear no-nonsense jeans. The short film is also a wonderfully bitchy attack on all that is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Hotter Than Hell
Marketer: Wendy's International
Brand: Wendy's
Title: "Hole"
Agency: McCann Erickson Worldwide

Wendy's last week announced a revamp of its overall marketing strategies and a flock of new TV commercials. This one, about a spicy chicken sandwich that burns its way into hell, is one of them. It suggests that the chain may have finally found an authentic and effective post-Dave Thomas sense of itself.

In a Galaxy Far Away
Brand: Anti-Bush Administration
Title: "Save the Republic"
Agency: Z Creative, New York,

This rabidly political commercial released by last week sings to an anti-Bush choir. Although its unlikely to change anyone's mind about the capital's vicious debate concerning the appointment of federal judges, it certainly is entertaining as a Star Wars rip-off.

Michael J. Fox
Marketer: Michael J. Fox Foundation
Brand: Michael J. Fox Foundation
Title: "Video Degeneration"
Agency: Deutsch, New York

At first this message by Parkinson's victim Michael J. Fox appears to be a defective video but keep it playing. The full meaning becomes apparent at the end.

Naughty Vegas
Marketer: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
Brand: Las Vegas
Title: "Parents"
Agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas

A shame-faced teenage son scrambles to get the party evidence cleaned up as his equally shame-faced parents return from their trip to Vegas. Like the kid, they prefer not to talk about what they did over the weekend -- a cute way to underscore the tagline that what one does in Vegas stays there.

Upside-Down Hummer
Marketer: General Motors Corp.
Brand: Hummer
Title: "Vertigo"
Agency: Modernista, Boston

Yes, that's an upside-down Hummer you see there. But this spot is called 'Vertigo' after all -- as in, Gee, we're out of ideas right now but how about if we just spin the Hummer around and then give the whole thing some exotic name?

Pregnancy-safe Fertilizer
Marketer: Scott Co.
Brand: Scotts Miracle Gro
Title: "Baby in the Garden"
Agency: M.L. Rogers, New York

How better to portray your fertilizer products as safe than to have them hawked by an engaging pregnant woman who connects them to wholesome nutrition and health?

iPod Roller Skates
Marketer: Apple
Brand: iPod and iTunes
Title: "Rollerskating"
Agency: TBWA, Los Angeles

The iPod silhouette people are back -- this time on roller skates. And now they're selling the iTunes music store as well as the iPod.

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