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MARKETER: OnSale at Auction

WHERE TO FIND IT: www.shockrave.com

CRITIQUE: Back in the early days, e-mail was addictive enough. Then chat rooms almost pushed us over the edge. But without a doubt, online auction sites are going to be the killer app for net-related support groups.

You can see the meeting now: "Hi, I'm Bob and I buy and sell an extensive collection of antique postcards online."

OnSale aims to make matters worse by bringing the temptations of online bidding to the innocents with live bidding content in banner ads. That way, surfers can get sucked in to the quest for bargains and rare items without even going to an auction site. The ads use quick-loading Flash Generator to pull real-time bidding data into the banner space.

It's pure evil.

On the other hand, Lot21 has created a semirich-media ad for OnSale, with compelling content that utilizes technology to show, not tell, its message.

The data just keeps flowing through the ad, proving its point at every step. And watching the cheap bids on OnSale's items will have the pool of non-junkies among us going, going. . .

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