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And Other TV Spots of the Week

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Ms. Ronald McDonald
Marketer: McDonald's
Brand: Tomato McGrand Burger
Title: "Tomato McGrand"
Agency: Beacon (A joint venture of Dentsu and Leo Burnett)

Here is Ronald McDonald as you've never see her before. This-out-of-the-box ad campaign is causing a stir in Japan, where the clothing worn by brand icons has become a fashion craze for Japanese school girls.

Heineken's Pigeon Dung Ad
Marketer: Heineken
Brand: Heineken
Title: "Square"
Agency: Strawberry Frog, New York

Spontaneous play with a soccer ball in a European square triggers a blizzard of pigeon droppings that mark out a soccer field across the ancient stones. The commercial is part of Strawberry Frog's first work for Heineken, which is sponsoring the European Football Association's Champions League soccer games. But do Heineken drinkers really like to think about bird dung when they think about beer?

Granny Horror
Marketer: Universal Orlando
Brand: Halloween Horror Nights
Title: "Nails"
Agency: David and Goliath, Los Angeles

Featuring a psycho killer granny, this is the TV spot for Universal Orlando's Halloween marketing strategy. Every night during October, the amusement park is transformed into a 'scare zone' with monsters roaming the streets and special-effects horrors for all.

Pepsi Is a Player
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Diet Pepsi
Title: "Drafted"
Agency: DDB, New York

Another bit of visual magic from Rhinofx, this commercial imagines what it would be like if the New England Patriots selected a Pepsi machine as the team's first draft choice. Wonderfully absurd.

Hating the Moon Girl
Marketer: Miller Brewing Co.
Brand: Miller High Life
Title: "Girl on the Moon"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

This one certainly stirred controversy here in the 'Advertising Age' newsroom. Most of us hate it but maybe that's because it is such a wild, jarring disconnection from the 'Miller High Life Man' campaign that we loved so much. No sirree, you're not going to see any greasy fingernails, cluttered work benches or ramshackle kitchens in this ode to the suburban officer worker and soccer mom set.

Shadow Rokr
Marketer: Cingular
Brand: Rokr
Title: "Shadow 1"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Borrowing something of the spirit of Apple iPod's earlier 'Silhouette' dancer ads, this new campaign for Cingular's Rokr features shadows and reflections living parallel lives.

Telephone Booth Rokr
Marketer: Motorola
Brand: Rokr
Title: "Phone Booth"
Agency: BBDO, New York

To demonstrate how a Rokr iTunes phone can fit 100 songs into a very compact wireless phone, Madonna leads a bevy of music stars who cram themselves into a telephone booth.

Aflac Duck
Marketer: Aflac
Brand: Aflac
Title: "Helping Out"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler

Once again proving his iconic power, the Aflac duck returns to play the piano, be catapulted out of a hammock and splash down in a neighbor's pool. U.S. consumers choose this as the 'most liked' TV ad of the last month in the latest IAG Research survey.

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