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CRITIQUE: Last week we wondered aloud if clever taglines were enough to get surfers to click on banners. We didn't really think so. This week though, we've got a slightly different question.

Are pretty pictures enough to get surfers to click on banners? We might just have to concede that if the pretty pictures are of pretty people, then yes, they might just do it.

Not a revolutionary idea, no. But the difference between clever words and pretty people is that pretty people already tend to have a built-in audience. Columbia TriStar Interactive has a site for the just-released film "Wild Things." It stars lots of pretty people who have fans. Neve Campbell, for instance, has more than a dozen Web sites listed in Yahoo! dedicated to her.

TriStar is promoting the site and the movie with banner ads featuring Ms. Campbell and Denise Richards looking sultry in a pool. The problem is the ads and the site don't really tell you what the movie is about, and they don't really compel surfers to see the film. The copy on the site talks about detectives, revenge and passions, but what the marketing and perhaps the movie itself boil down to is found in the sweepstakes area, which lists the autographs entrants can win of the stars.

"Hubba Hubba," it reads. And that about says it all. That might just be enough to draw some traffic, but it won't always sell product. Once you get beyond the skin-deep beauty of the site, you need some targeted content to sell tickets.

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