In-store ads show promise, but need innovation

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In-store media really does work, according to an overwhelming 69% of participants in Advertising Age's online poll. The trouble is, many of the backers of in-store media had trouble agreeing which in-store media work. Not surprisingly, many thought the one that worked best was the one they happen to sell.

"It is tough to get consumers to notice electronic media in-store," said Mike Spindler, CEO of Gladson Interactive, Chicago, which sells merchandising solutions. "That is where communication through sixth- generation shelf merchandising ... can be very, very effective." Many in-store ad placements don't work, said Richard Sack of Ad Comm Outdoors, Elk Grove Village, Ill. But "ads on the security pedestals" do, he said.

You get the idea.

Marketers and agencies not directly making their living off in-store media were somewhat more skeptical-but many made it clear they are interested in making in-store media work and believe it can.

"Eyeballs are eyeballs, whether in the home, car or store," said David Knight, director-field marketing for Nestle Purina PetCare. "If shoppers are not paying attention to in-store ads, then we need to work on that messaging and delivery, since research consistently tells us that some 60%-80% of purchase decisions are made at shelf."

"There is no denying the fact that the current state of on-screen in-store ads are not as effective as they could be," said Jared Meisel, account supervisor with Saatchi & Saatchi X in Cincinnati. "But this does not mean the medium is broken. Rather it is ripe for updating and innovation."
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