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BBDO, Jan. 25, 1947-my 26th birthday. Carl Spier gave me a raise, to $80 a week. Second raise in my first year here. Still writing ads for Reader's Digest, Zerex anti-freeze and Cellophane ("Shows what it protects . . . protects what it shows"). Not too hard, but I get a nervous headache every afternoon. Go down to corner drugstore and hold up one finger or two. Counterman knows that means one Alka-Seltzer or two.

All the old-timers back from the war now, all re-hired. Companies were supposed to take back former employees, but Life magazine didn't take me back after the Marines. I even showed up in uniform, ribbons and all. Guess being an office boy during the summer of 1941 didn't count. Lucky to stumble into advertising. I love it. Big day when Charlie Brower hired me.

Last night worked until 11 with the mimeograph operators, running off BBDO newsletter, the "Pink Sheet." Dirty, messy business. But I think I may be made editor! One plus to working late: Observing activities in the rooms at the Roosevelt Hotel across 46th Street.

Every lunch eat two huge sandwiches from Vendome and play cards with Frank, the porter. Big shots eat at Ritz, across Madison. They say Sam Harned has two martinis every day!

Met a guy a week ago in radio business. Turns out we produce a lot of radio shows. Guy goes out to the Coast all the time. Twentieth Century Limited, switching trains in Chicago. Glamorous stuff.

In three weeks, our annual meeting-my second. Mr. Feland will explain finances, with charts. Show how we've got to keep staff below 10 people per million dollars in billing to make a profit.

We can count on Bruce Barton and Alex Osborn telling how Ben Duffy came to the agency as an office boy in short pants. (Believe it or not, they all call me by name.) And as always, they'll tell how they started the agency more than 25 years ago.

Wonder what it will be like 25 years from now. Or 50.

John (Jock) Elliott began his advertising career as a copywriter with BBDO in New York shortly after his discharge from the Marines in 1945. He later moved to Ogilvy & Mather, where he rose to become chairman. He was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame in 1983. Currently he is chairman emeritus of O&M.

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