TV's Upfront: Networks Can Get Choosy in Fertile Field of Pilots

Stars from Ice-T to Caruso and Films Like 'Fargo' and 'The Player' Eye Small Screen

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With the pre-upfront presentations to media buyers over and pilots now being shot, the networks are shoring up their development lists for next season.

Below is a list of all drama and comedy pilots in development. The networks will unveil their final schedules starting this week.

Upfront presentations will be held today for NBC; May 13 for WB Network; May 14 for UPN; May 19 for ABC; May 20 for Fox; and May 22 for CBS.


Dramas: "The Guardian" (Universal/NBC Studios): A thief sets out to do good deeds.

"The People" (Paramount): Drama focusing on big-city prosecutors.

"Players" (Dick Wolf/

Universal Television/NBC

Studios): Action-adventure starring rapper Ice-T.

"Sleepwalkers" (Columbia/NBC Studios): Drama about a research team that enters people's dreams.

"The Underworld" (Warner Bros.): Kevin Pollack stars as an ex-con looking for redemption.

"The Van Helsing Chronicles" (Jim Henson/NBC Studios): Supernatural drama about a New York physics professor.

Comedy: "Bando Squatnik" (Castle Rock/Popular Arts): Animated series about an L.A. detective.

Untitled Jenny McCarthy Project (Paramount/MTV): Ms. McCarthy inherits a posh Hollywood Hills home.

Untitled Kirstie Alley Project (Bright/Kauffman/Crane, Warner Bros.): Ms. Alley is stuck in a loveless marriage.

"Lateline" (Paramount): Al Franken stars in a parody of late-night news.

"Maggie Bloom" (Act III/Paramount): A twentysomething African-American wants to sing.

"One Big Happy Family" (NBC Studios): Three generations live under one roof.

"Second Chances" (Twentieth/Three Sisters): Four thirty-something friends reunite.

"7:08" (DreamWorks): Five commuters share their lives.

"Tony Danza Show" (NBC Studios/Columbia TriStar): Mr. Danza is a divorced sportswriter father.

"Union Square" (NBC Studios): Comedy set in a diner.

"Welcome Home, Mr. Evans" (NBC Studios): Comedian Lee Evans as a Brit in New York.

"Working" (NBC Studios): Fred Savage is in a battle with corporate culture.

"You Send Me" (Warner Bros.): A look at love through the eyes of three couples.


Drama: "C-16" (Brillstein-Grey): Eric Roberts and D.B. Sweeney as agents in the FBI's elite major-case squad.

"Cracker" (Kushner-Locke/Granada): Based on the British series, with Robert Pastorelli as an LAPD psychologist.

"Dogs" (Disney/Avnet-Kerner): The antics of a group of softball-playing guys.

"The Doyles" (Warner Bros.): A politically incorrect dad tries to raise his four wild daughters.

"Hungry for Survival" (Warner Bros.): Sherilyn Fenn as an anthropologist in the future.

"LA Med" (Disney): Med school students try to save lives.

"Nothing Sacred" (Twentieth): Kevin Anderson as a priest confronting his own humanity.

"The Player" (New Line): Based on the film, with Patrick Dempsey as movie executive Griffin Mill.

"Push" (Columbia TriStar): College students chase dreams in a prestigious athletic program.

"Timecop" (Universal): T.W. King in a series based on the film.

"Total Security" (Steven Boch-co/Twentieth): James Remar and Jim Belushi are high-tech security experts in Los Angeles.

Comedy: "Comfort, Texas" (Brillstein-Grey): Brian Benben as an out-of-work actor who goes to Texas to sell a ranch he inherited.

"Dads" (Columbia TriStar): Divorced father tries to learn parenting tips.

"Dharma & Greg" (Twentieth): Jenna Elfman as a granola girl who marries into a yuppie family.

"Missing Links" (Greengrass): Bruce Campbell is a golf pro at the worst golf course in America.

"Modern Man" (Twentieth): From "Mad About You's" Danny Jacobson.

"The 900 Lives of Jackie Frye" (Universal): James LeGros works at a greeting card factory.

"Over the Top" (Columbia TriStar): Tim Curry moves into his ex-wife's country inn.

"Speed of Life" (Disney): A father worries kids are growing up too quickly.

"Teen Angel" (Touchstone): A teenage boy's dead best friend comes back as a guardian angel.

Untitled Burns Bros. Project (Twentieth): Modern-day "Honeymooners" from Ed & Brian Burns.

Untitled Chris Elliot Project (Touchstone): Chris Elliot as New Yorker who moves to suburbia.

Untitled Ganz and Mandel Project (Imagine/Disney): Two sitcom writing partners try to raise their families. From Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel.

Untitled Paul Sorvino Project

(Touchstone): Paul Sorvino as widowed father of three girls.


Drama: "Anne Rice's Rag and Bone" (James Parriot/Columbia TriStar): A New Orleans cop who's a former priest.

"Brooklyn South" (Steven Bochco/Twentieth): Ensemble cop drama from Steven Bochco, David Milch and William Finkelstein.

"Dellaventura" (Rysher): Danny Aiello as NYPD cop turned P.I.

"Fargo" (Working Title/ITC): Based on the movie; focuses on main character Marge Gunderson.

"Ghost of a Chance" (Paul Haggis/Rysher): A young man's fiancee dies but reappears as a ghost.

"Hawaii Five-O" (CBS Prods.): From Stephen J. Cannell, revival of the classic series.

"Homestead" (Columbia TriStar/

CBS Prods.): Ann-Margret is a widow who runs a ranch.

"The Magnificent Seven" (MGM/Trilogy): Based on the film.

"Nathan Dixon" (Rysher): Insurance investigator tracks down scams.

"The Travel Agency" (Warner Bros.): Customers are given a chance to time travel.

Untitled David Caruso Drama (Columbia TriStar/New Regency): David Caruso as a cop turned federal prosecutor.

Comedy: "The Billy Club" (CBS Prods.): Randy Quaid as a cop who hangs out at a local bar.

"Ed" (Worldwide Pants/CBS Prods.): Ed's life falls apart, and he starts over from scratch. From Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman.

"George and Leo" (Paramount): The mismatched fathers of two newlyweds move in together.

"Heaven Will Wait" (Warner Bros.): Olympia Dukakis and Richard Mulligan as retirement-village neighbors.

"Meego" (Miller-Boyett-Warner/ Warner Bros.): Bronson Pinchot as an alien who becomes a nanny.

"Queens" (MTM): Penelope Ann Miller as Manhattan socialite relocated to Queens.

"Selleck" (Bungalow 78/Paramount): Tom Selleck as a publisher, from Barry Kemp.

"Square One" (Columbia Tri-Star/CBS Prods.): Gregory Hines as widower/father back dating.

"Style and Substance" (Touchstone): Jean Smart is a Martha Stewart clone.


Drama: "413 Hope St." (Twentieth): Richard Roundtree stars as the head of an inner-city crisis center. From Damon Wayans.

"Ally McBeal" (David E. Kelley/Twentieth): Calista Flockhart as a lawyer working with her ex-boyfriend.

"Automatic Avenue" (Twentieth): Bill Campbell as an actor whose dream job is ruined by his crooked manager. From David Burke, also starring James Earl Jones.

"Blade Squad" (H. Beale Co./Twentieth): A new breed of in-line skate-powered cops in the year 2001. From Brandon Tartikoff and Peter Illiff.

"The Notorious" (Twentieth): Justin Louis as a mob family member gone legit. From Glen Morgan and James Wong.

"Roar" (Universal): Drama from Shaun Cassidy and Ron Koslow, set in the 4th Century.

"Soul Mates" (Columbia TriStar/C3): A couple realize they've interacted in past lives. From Charles Rosin and Roland Joffe.

"Steel Chariots" (Berk, Schwartz, Bonnan/Touchstone): From the creators of "Baywatch," a sexy look at the world of Nascar racing.

"The Visitor" (Centropolis/

Twentieth): John Corbett as an alien abductee who comes back to earth.

Comedy: "A.N.G.E.L." (Twentieth): Series centering on a virtual reality "cyberwoman."

"Ask Harriet" (Columbia Tri-Star): A brash male reporter tries out to become an advice columnist.

"Between Brothers" (Columbia TriStar): Kadeem Hardison, Tommy Davidson and two others as men trying to figure out "the rules."

"Birthmarks" (Touchstone): Joe Flanagan is a lawyer with a nutty family. From Larry Levin and Gavin Polone.

"Dilbert" (Twentieth): Live-action sitcom based on comic strip.

"Faster Baby, Kill" (Witt/

Thomas): Three young detectives take over an aging P.I. firm in a "Mod Squad" takeoff.

"Food & Company" (Big Ticket): Two brothers try to run a catering business.

"Goin' for Mine" (HBO Ind. Prod.): "Martin" spinoff starring Tichina Arnold. From Martin Law-rence, Barry Vigon and Tom Walla.

"Knight Life" (Columbia TriStar): From Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser, a peasant works toward knighthood.

"Manhattan Man" (Axelrod-Widdoes/Twentieth): Ben Bode as a reluctant superhero. From Jamie Widdoes and Jonathan Axelrod.

"Metropolitan Hospital" (Northern Lights/Universal): Robert Guillaume plays a doctor; from Ivan Reitman and Brian Levant.

"MV24" (Brillstein-Grey): Life at a hip music video channel. Starring Paget Brewster and Peter Scolari.

"Rewind" (Warner Bros.): Told through flashbacks, the main character discovers that history keeps repeating itself.

"Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza" Place (Twentieth): Three grad students in their early 20s. From "Mad About You's" Danny Jacobson.

Untitled Damon Wayans Project (Twentieth): Damon Wayans stars as a character who wants a part of his wife's stage success.

Untitled "Swingers" Project (Touchstone): Picks up where the movie left off.


Drama: "Seattle Emergency" (Twentieth): Chronicles the 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift on Seattle's streets.

"Dawson's Creek" (Columbia TriStar): Coming-of-age drama from Kevin Williamson.

"Almost Gone" (Warner Bros.): A doctor can see and talk to ghosts.

"Three" (Paramount/MTV): Three criminals are recruited to solve government problems.

Comedy: "Girls Across the Lake" (Miller-Boyett-Warren/Warner Bros.): Cindy Williams is prep-school housemother.

Untitled Loretta Divine and Da Brat Project (Warner Bros./dePasse): Loretta Divine and rap star Da Brat are mother and daughter.

Untitled Shelley Long Project (Columbia TriStar): Ms. Long gets married on a whim and discovers her new husband has four boys.

Untitled Tom Arnold Project (Universal): Mr. Arnold is a TV producer who bottoms out.

Untitled Carol Leifer Project (Brillstein-Grey): Ms. Leifer opens an optometry shop in Miami's South Beach.

Untitled Adele Givens Project (HBO Ind. Prods.): Sassy woman tries to juggle new job in the white collar world.

"Us & Them" (Castle Rock): Cynthia Geary is half of a newlywed couple dealing with polar opposite parents.

"Housebroken" (Universal): Newlywed Sean Astin must move in with his brothers.


Comedy: "Bouncers" (Viacom Prods.): Show about three bouncers, from Tony Sheehan.

"Good News" (MTM): Ed. Weinberger created this sitcom about a young pastor in a South Central L.A. church.

"Head Over Heels" (Columbia TriStar): Two brothers inherit their mom's dating service.

"Hits" (Paramount/MTV): Two best friends working at a record label, desperate to sign new talent.

"Livin' in the U.S.A." (TBA): Ensemble comedy exploring the ethnic relationships in New York's small family-owned businesses.

"Macio" (TBA): Multiethnic show about the wild single life of a car rental agent.

"Totally Cool" (TBA): Stand-up Andrea Abbate stars as a widow and mother.

"Veronica's Video" (Big Ticket): From Jay Tarses, about a strip-mall video shop owner with a slacker son.

"Whitey" (TBA): Robert Clohessy plays Whitey, who's been downsized. From Al Ruddy.

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